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Frederick C. Rivers

1800 Birth SC

Bef 1830 Marriage
Sarah Ann Hurst

1850 Federal Census,
Chesterfield Co., SC

Frederick Rivers 51
Sarah A. Rivers 41
Sarah Rivers 2
William J. Rivers 19
Isaac Rivers 16
Philip Rivers 14
John Rivers 12
Eliza Rivers 10
Malachi Rivers 8
Jacob Rivers 7
Lewis Rivers 5
Frances E. Rivers 4
Lauretta Rivers 1

1879 Death SC

Rivers of South Carolina and Texas

Rivers Coat of Arms

Early coat of arms once associated with
a bearer of the surname Rivers
From House of Names

Rivers surname origin


The surname Rivers is of Anglo-Saxon origin. Spelling variations of this family name include: Rivers, Ryvers, River, Ryver and others.

  1. English (of Norman origin): habitational name from any of various places in northern France called Riviéres, from the plural form of Old French riviére 'river' (originally meaning 'riverbank', from Latin riparia). The absence of English forms without the final -s makes it unlikely that it is ever from the borrowed Middle English vocabulary word river, but the French and other Romance cognates do normally have this sense.
  2. Common Americanized form of French Lariviére


Frederick C. Rivers

FREDERICK C. RIVERS was born 13 May 1800 in SC and died 24 June 1878 in SC. He married Sarah Ann Hurst bef. 1830, daughter of Issac and Henrietta (Ritta) Rivers. Sarah was born 10 Mar 1826 in SC and died 18 Sep 1877 in SC.

Descendants of Frederick C. Rivers


  1. WILLIAM JASPER RIVERS, b: 13 Sep 1830, SC; d: 17 Apr 1894, SC; m: Lydia Jane Massey; burial: Hurst Cemetery, Chesterfield Co., SC.
  2. ISAAC RIVERS, b: abt. 1834, Chesterfield Co., SC; d: 13 July 1893; m: Mary Jane Unknown.
  3. PHILIP PARKER RIVERS, b: 7 Oct 1837, Chesterfield Co., SC; d: 22 Apr 1923, Chesterfield Co., SC; m: 1) Mary Ann Jane Massey; m. 2) Hulda Massey; burial: Elizabeth Baptist Church Cemetery, Mount Croghan, Chesterfield Co., SC.
  4. JOHN RIVERS, b: abt. 1838, SC; d: unknown.
  5. ELIZA JANE RIVERS, b: abt. 1840, Chesterfield Co., SC; d: 20 Sep 1919, Gulledges, Anson Co., NC.; m: Thomas Tucker.
  6. CHARLOTTE RIVERS, d: infancy, SC.
  7. MALACHI J. RIVERS, b: 20 Aug 1841, SC; d: 24 Apr 1904, SC.; m: Sarah Boatright; burial: Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Chesterfield Co., SC.
  8. JACOB RIVERS, b: 27 Feb 1843; d: 16 Feb 1904, SC; m: Mary A. Unknown; burial: Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Chesterfield Co., SC.
  9. LEWIS J. RIVERS, b: abt. 1845, SC; d: 2 Mar 1865, Charleston Co., SC; burial Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston Co., SC. (Pvt 26th SC Volunteers Co B, CSA; taken prisioner; died of disease)
  10. FRANCES E. RIVERS, b: abt. 1846; d: unknown.
  11. SARAH ANN RIVERS, b: 6 Sep 1847; SC; d: 15 Aug 1927, SC; m: Drew L. Lisenby; burial: Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Chesterfield Co., SC.
  12. LAURA A. "LAURETTA" RIVERS, b: 20 Mar 1849, SC; d: 23 Jul 1903; m: William J. Melton; burial: Hurst Cemetery, Chesterfield Co., SC.