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Philip James Hurst

1839 Birth, Chesterfield Co., SC

1850 Federal Census,
Chesterfield District, SC

Isaac Rivers 46
Ritta 50
Sarah 21
Lauretta 19
William 17
Isaac 15
Nancy 13
Philip 11
Polly 9
Jacob 7

Bef. 1858 Marriage
Mary Gainey

1880 Federal Census,
Court House,
Chesterfield District, SC

P. J. Hurst 41
Mary Hurst 36
Ella Hurst 22
Marion Hurst 20
Joseph Hurst 19
Anna Hurst 17
Mary J. Hurst 16
Wesley Hurst 14
Miles P. Hurst 13
Lewis Hurst 1M

1900 Federal Census,
Kingsland Co., AR

Philip J. Hurst 64
Mary A. Hurst 56
Lewis Hurst 19
Thomas Hurst 17

1910 Federal Census,
Kingsland Co., AR

Philip J. Hurst 72 (widowed)1912

Death, Kingsland Co., AR

Philip James Hurst

Philip James Hurst
The name Philip is derivded from the Greek
name Greek name Philippos, which means
"friend of horses". Famous bearers of this
name include Saint Philip, one of the twelve
apostles, five kings of Spain, six kings of
France, and five kings of Macedon, including
Philip II the father of Alexander the Great.

PHILIP JAMES HURST, son of Issac Hurst and Henrietta (Ritta) Rivers, was born abt. 1839 in Chesterfield Co., SC, and died aft. 1910. He married MARY J. GAINEY. She was born 1844 in S, and died bef. 1910.

The Hurst farm was in Chesterfield, SC, near the NC. Margaret Hurst Hewitt, daughter of Lewis Gainey Hurst, recalls being told that the house was in South SC, while the barn was in NC.

By 1900, the Philip Hurst, wife Mary, and sons Lewis and Thomas had settled in Cleveland, Kingsland Co., AR, now famous as the famous as the birthplace of Country singer/song writer Johnny Cash.

According to the 1900 census, Philip owned the farm on which the family lived. The1900 census also shows a William Hurst family. Listed are: William Hurst (age 45), wife Susan (age 38), and sons Philip and Miles T. Other children are listed, but due to the poor quality of the record, their names are not decipherable. Their relationship to the Philip J. Hurst family is not known at this time. It is possible, howevr, that the families either migrated to AR at the same time or that one family lived there first and the other family joined them later.

Descendants of Philip James Hurst

Children of PHILIP HURST and MARY GAINEY are:

  1. ELLEN (ELLA) HURST, b. abt. 1858, SC.; died unknown.
  2. JOSEPH HURST, b. 1861, SC; died unknown.
  3. MARY JANE HURST, b. 1864; died unknown.
  4. ANNA ROSE LEE HURST, b. 13 Oct 1870, SC; d. 06 Nov 1951, AR.
  5. ISAAC WESLEY HURST, b. 24 Nov 1874, SC; d. 14 Feb 1943, Collin Co., TX.
  6. MILES PHILIP HURST, b. 15 Feb 1878, SC; d. OK.
  7. LEWIS GAINEY HURST, b. 01 May 1880, Chesterfield, SC; d. 12 Mar 1958, Grayson Co., TX.
  8. THOMAS (T. L.) HURST, b. 1882, SC; died unknown.