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Walter Henry Fleming

1867 Birth, Grayson Co., TX

1870 Federal Census,
P4 Grayson Co., TX

R. T. Fleming 37
Margaret Fleming 31
Wm. A.Fleming 10
John T. Fleming 9
Lucinda Fleming 4
Walter H.Fleming 1

1880 Federal Census,
P4 Grayson Co., TX

R.T. Fleming 44
Mary M. Fleming 41
William A. Fleming 20
John T. Fleming 18
Mary L. Fleming 14
Walter H. Fleming 11
Martha E. Fleming 5
W.T. Chaffin 16 (nephew)
L.T. Collins 8M (nephew)

1893 Marriage, Bonham,
Fannin Co., TX
Minnie Bell Johnson

1910 Federal Census,
P2 Grayson Co., TX

Walter Fleming 42
Minnie B Fleming 32
Lola R. Fleming 16
Clovis Fleming 13*
Ora Fleming 11
Robbie M. Fleming 5
Archie Fleming 3

* Cleatus' name spelled incorrectly.

1920 Federal Census,
Colbert, Bryan Co., OK

W. H. Fleming 51
Minnie B. Fleming 43
Ora Fleming 20
Robbie Fleming 15
Archie Fleming 13
Raymond Fleming 9*
Cletus Lee Fleming 23*
Merdys P. Fleming 19*

* Leyman's and Cleatus' names spelled incorrectly.
Merdys was Cleatus' first wife.

1920 Federal Census, Calera,
Bryan Co., OK

W. H. Fleming 61
Minnie B. Fleming 51
Layman Fleming 19*

* Leyman's and Cleatus' names spelled incorrectly. Merdys was Cleatus' first wife.

1945 Death, Dallas Co., TX
Burial Virgina Point Cemetery

Walter Henry Fleming

Walter Henry Fleming
Photo courtesy of Aulena Scearce Gibson

The boy's name WALTER is of Old German origin
and means ruler of the army. A famous bearer of
this name was Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish novelist
who wrote Ivanhoe and among other notable works.

Walter Henry Fleming was born 27 Oct 1867 in Dallas Co., TX. He was the youngest son of Robert Thomas Fleming and Mary Marie Gilliam.

Walter had two brothers, William Archie Fleming and Thomas Robert Fleming, and three sisters, Mary Lucinda (Rene), Lizzie, and Martha. Walter and his brothers helped work the family farm, which comprised about five tracks of land north of Bells, TX.

Walter married Minnie Bell Johnson on 20 Aug 1893 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX. Minnie was the daughter of Edwin (Eb) Johnson and Sally Carter Duncan.

After their marriage, Walter and Minnie lived in Savoy. Walter was a farmer and Minnie was a homemaker. Walter and Minnie had seven children, all born in Savoy.

In 1914, Walter moved his large family to OK at the urging of Adolphus Ramsey, a widower with one daughter and no sons, to help manage Ramsey's stock farm, located near Calera.

Walter and Minnie
Photo courtesy of Aulena Scearce Gibson
Walter and Minnie
Photo courtesy of Aulena Scearce Gibson

From Fleming family reseach of Aulena Scearce Gibon:

Ramsey was the uncle of Lucy Ramsey Fleming, wife of William Archie Fleming, Walter's brother. Minnie Bell had relatives in OK, as well, including a cousin, Mabel Crouch Turley and an uncle, John Kitchings Johnson.

Daughter Robbie May remembers traveling to OK in a surrey with fringe on the top with furniture in wagons. Walter's oldest brother Rev. William Archie Fleming remained in Virginia Point, where many of his descendants still live today.

The younger children attended school at Williamson. Their teacher, Miss Nannie Simms lived with them during the week. There was not a Sunday School in the community so Walterorganized one, which was held in the schoolhouse.

In the early 1920s, Walter gave up farming to become a road construction foreman and moved the family to Calera, OK. This was in part due to his declining health, as well as proximity to the Calera schools.

The family joined the Methodist Church in Calera, which was the center of their social activities and spiritual life. Other activities included watching the trains come in at the depot and parties held in homes. There was little dancing and no card playing, as it was not socially approved at that time.

Walter died 16 Aug 1945 in Dallas Co., TX. Cause of death was listed as (cerebral hemorrhage). Minnie died 30 Dec 1962 Bryan Co., OK. They are both buried in the Virginia Point Methodist Church Cemetery in Grayson Co., TX.


WH Fleming Family
Photo courtesy of Aulena Scearce Gibson



Descendants of Walter Henry Fleming

WALTER HENRY FLEMING was born 27 Oct 1867 in Grayson Co., TX, and died 01 Aug 1945 in Dallas Co., TX. He married MINNIE BELL JOHNSON 20 Aug 1893 in Fannin Co., TX, daughter of EDWIN JOHNSON and SARAH DUNCAN. She was born 14 Jan 1874 in Fannin Co., TX, and died 30 Dec 1962 in Durant, Bryan Co., OK.


  1. LOLA RAY FLEMING, b. 08 Jul 1894, Fannin Co., TX; d. 14 Dec 1977, Tarrant Co., TX; m. THEO EDDIE (DOC) NELSON 17 Dec 1914 in Fannin Co., TX; b. 28 Mar 1890 in Wayne Co., KY; d. 11 May 1982 in Tarrant Co., TX.
  2. CLEATUS LEE FLEMING, b. 07 Aug 1896, Fannin Co., TX; d. 18 Nov 1981, Dallas Co., TX; m. (1) MERDYS P., Bef. 1920; b. 1901, MS; m. (2) ELLIOT JANE HARTLEY, Aft. 1930; b. 25 Jan 1910; d. 24 Sep 1977, Dallas Co., TX; m. (3) EULA E. TURNER, 16 Apr 1978, Dallas Co., TX. Cleatus had no children
  3. LEE ORA FLEMING, b. 05 Dec 1898, Fannin Co., TX; d. 13 Apr 1975, Hidalgo Co., TX; m. (1) NATHAN SHARP; m. (2) LUTHUR LEE PULLIN, Bef. 1930, TX; b. 15 Aug 1896, Beeville, Bee Co, TX; d. 22 Feb 1973, Hidalogo Co., TX. Lee Ora had no children.
  4. ARLENE FLEMING, b. 1902, Fannin Co., TX; Died as infant in runaway buggy accident; d. 1902.
  5. ROBBIE MAY FLEMING, b. 26 Apr 1904, Fannin Co., TX; d. 04 Feb 1998, Edmond, OK Co., OK.
  6. ARCHIE HENRY FLEMING, born 20 Sep 1906 in Savoy, Fannin Co., TX; died 08 Aug 1985 in Denton Co., TX.; m HAYDEN EUGENIA HURST, 26 Nov 1927, Bryan Co., OK; b. 07 Nov 1909 in Kingsland Co., AR; died 07 Feb 1997 in Denton Co., TX.
  7. LEYMAN WAYNE FLEMING, b. 12 Aug 1910, Fannin Co., TX; d. 14 Feb 1969, Tarrant Co., TX; m. MATTIE JEAN SCEARCE, 08 Jun 1933, Bryan Co., OK; b. 19 Apr 1911, Bryan Co., OK; d. 11 Nov 1997, OK Co., OK. Leyman had no children.