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Fleming family history

Flemish people

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Flanders the Lion
Flemming Coat of Arms
Flag of the Flemish Community
and the Flemish Region

The surname FLEMING is of Norman origin and literally means from Flanders. The Flemish people originally were of Germanic origin and inhabited the northern half of Belgium. After the Norman invasion in the12th century, many Flemings settled in England, Scotland and Wales. Others settled in Ireland in Meath and other counties.

Today, the Fleming surname is found worldwide, including the Netherlands, France, United States, Britain, Canada, India (Sri Lanka), Indonesia, Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, and Latin America.

Descendants of Robert Thomas Fleming

ROBERT THOMAS FLEMING was born 1836 in St Clair Co., IL, and died 1883 in Grayson Co., TX. He married MARY MARIE GILLIAM 10 Feb 1859 in Grayson Co., TX, daughter of JOHN GILLIAM and NANCY WALLACE. Mary was born 1840 in MO, and died 14 Jul 1907 in Grayson Co., TX.


  1. WILLIAM ARCHIE FLEMING, b. 07 Mar 1860, Grayson Co., TX; d. 06 Apr 1928, Grayson Co., TX.
  2. JOHN THOMAS FLEMING, b. 1862, Grayson Co., TX.
  3. MARY LUCINDA FLEMING, b. 30 May 1866, Grayson Co., TX; d. 11 Jun 1896.
  4. WALTER HENRY FLEMING, b. 27 Oct 1867, Grayson Co., TX; d. 01 Aug 1945, Dallas Co., TX.
  5. LIZZIE FLEMING, b. 1869, Grayson Co., TX; d. 1888, Grayson Co., TX.
  6. MARTHA ELIZABETH FLEMING, b. 1875, Grayson Co., TX.