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William Archie Fleming

WA Fleming
Photo courtesy of Joanne Harrison Heatley

Fleming and Family
William and Lucy Fleming with grandchildren
Photo courtesy of Weldon Fleming

The Rev. William Archie Fleming was born 07 Mar 1860 in Virginia Point, TX and died 11 Aug 1929 in Grayson Co., TX.

William was oldest son of Robert Thomas Fleming and Mary Marie Gilliam, early Virginia Point settlers.

William married Lucinda Lee (Lucy) Ramsey on 6 Nov 1884 in her parent's home in Grayson Co, TX. Lucy, daughter of John Ziegler Ramsey and Judith E. (Jude) Gilbert, was born 23 Aug 1863 in Pitty Co., VA and died 07 Dec 1938 in Grayson Co., TX.

From newpaper articles and his obituary:

William was a farmer and circuit rider for the Methodist Church and one of the early ministers at the Virginia Point Methodist Church. The Virginia Point Methodist Church was founded in 1837 and is the oldest Methodist church in continuous service in North TX.

William was a kind and thoughtful husband, father, and friend. He was characterized as having a keen intellect, gentle spirit, and amiable disposition.

Lucy was a homemaker. Their home was open to all and was always filled with family and friends.

William led a very active life up until he was taken ill 4 Aug 1929 at the Virginia Point Methodist Church homecoming services. Just five weeks before his death, he conducted funeral services for his cousin, William Chaffin in Bailey, OK

William and Lucy are buried in the Virginia Point Methodist Church Cemetery, where many Fleming ancestors and descendants are buried.

William Fleming Wedding Records

William recorded the weddings he performed
in a bank book that he carried in his pocket.
Record courtesy of Weldon Flemingin

Descendants of William Archie Fleming

WILLIAM ARCHIE FLEMING was born 07 Mar 1860 in Grayson Co., TX, and died 06 Apr 1928 in Grayson Co., TX. He married LUCINDA LEE (LUCY) RAMSEY 06 Nov 1884 in Grayson Co., TX. She was born 23 Aug 1863 in Pittsylvania, VA, and died 06 Dec 1938 in Grayson Co., TX.


  1. ORA FLEMING, b. 1885, Grayson Co., TX; d. 1888, Grayson Co., TX.
  2. AUDREY FLEMING, b. 1887, Grayson Co., TX; d. 1888, Grayson Co., TX.
  3. ROBERT RAMSEY FLEMING, b. 24 Feb 1889, Grayson Co., TX; d. 06 Jan 1968, Grayson Co., TX; m. PAULINE SANFORD; b. 24 May 1900, TX; d. 14 Nov 1963, Grayson Co., TX.
  4. THOMAS PAUL FLEMING, b. 13 Jul 1891, Grayson Co., TX; d. 12 Jul 1960, Grayson Co., TX; m. EVOLENA (LENA) PRICE; b. 10 Mar 1896, OK; d. 11 Jan 1983, Grayson Co., TX.
  5. MARY JUDITH FLEMING, b. 17 Sep 1893, Grayson Co., TX; d. 29 Jan 1967, Bells, Grayson Co., TX; m. GEORGE ERNEST KEELING; b. 02 Aug 1891, TX; d. 04 Jul 1966, Bells, Grayson Co., TX.
  6. WILLIAM HAROLD FLEMING, b. 14 Jun 1897, Grayson Co., TX; d. 17 Oct 1968, Grayson Co., TX; m. FANNIE MAE HENLEY; b. 02 Feb 1897, Pheba, MS; d. 23 Jun 1985, Denison, Grayson Co., TX.
  7. LENORA BELL (LERA) FLEMING, b. 1899, Grayson Co., TX; d. 1901, Grayson Co., TX.
  8. ZORA ESTER (DODIE) FLEMING, b. 24 Sep 1902, Grayson Co., TX; d. 06 Jan 1986, Grayson Co., TX; m. JESS THORTON YOUREE.
  9. JAMES BOW (JIM) FLEMING, b. 20 Dec 1904, Grayson Co., TX; d. 01 Apr 1971, Grayson Co., TX; m. JEWELL JENETT BELLOWS; b. 12 Oct 1906; d. 08 Dec 1987, Bells, Grayson Co., TX.
  10. MILDRED LEE FLEMING, b. 1907, Grayson Co., TX; d. 1920, Grayson Co., TX.